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Do you know your Spiritual Gifts?
Try the Automated Spiritual Gifts Test!
Do you know your Temperament?
Try the Automated Temperament Survey!

Spiritual Gifts Test

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Spiritual Gifts Menu Options:

(Any Christian can take this test)
      Taking the Test:

Scoring, Results and Definitions:

Spiritual Gifts Menu Steps:

The Test is a list of 138 questions in which you select how that attribute applies to you. Obviously the more accurate you are in your own personal assessment, the more accurate the results so answer as you REALLY are, not as you might like to be.

Who can take this test? - Anyone!
  • First, START a new test.

    This will create your account so you can log into your test at any time!

  • LOGIN - You MUST be logged in to take your test and to gain access to the results. This is YOUR test, which can only be retrieved by you.

  • Next, TEST in order to take your test. NOTE: This test remembers where you are. If you don't complete the test right away, come back later, login, click on TEST and you'll be right at the next question!

  • Now that you've taken your test, you can see the results. This is in two forms. First, there is the SCORESHEET which provides you a filled in Scoresheet from the test, with the various gifts totalled. There is a section for you to fill out for your top four gifts so you'll want to print this out. (These are not determined by the software as there is a good possibility there could be ties in the scores and better for you to determine the proper sequence).

  • Additionally, you can get a SUMMARY of your gifts. NOTE that this table CAN be sorted by clicking on the column header.

  • You can get your SUMMARY and/or SCORESHEET emailed to you! So you can share it, print it, save it, etc.

  • Spiritual Gifts Software Known Issues or New Features:

  • When Clicking on TEST, entry of the first answer brought you back to the main menu. FIXED!

  • NEW! - Added the CORRECT A TEST feature to correct answers incorrectly made.

  • Links to the Descriptions of the Gifts themselves.

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