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"Men Seeking the Heart of the Father"

Who We Are

Not a Bible Study

Jesus Christ is at our core, so the Bible is as well, yet we are not a typical men's group. We are not a Bible Study - those can be found at most churches. When asked to describe the group, most of us have a very hard time defining it!

We are not associated with any church, though those who attend our group participate in many churches, whether local or visitors from far away. Yet too some might not be attending a church right now, or might be "between churches".

We are men seeking the heart of the Father, the heart of God, knowing we are sinners yet knowing too we are saved by His grace.

As for those who attend, we are from various backgrounds, diverse in education, economic status, careers, race, etc. God cares for all of us, regardless who we are!

We welcome all men who desire a better relationship with God, with their relationships. Each meeting the gathering has been as few as 3 and as many as 27! We know many can't attend due to so many other obligations, and we welcome newcomers!

Our Purpose