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"Men Seeking the Heart of the Father"

Next Meetings are scheduled for:

January 28 - Starting at 7:30 AM
February 11 - Starting at 7:30 AM

Meeting every other Saturday ,
from 7:30 AM until 9:00 AM
(see "Schedule" for actual dates and location).

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A Journey Home

A journey home is a community based men's group that has met since the early 1990s. The name implies that we are men in movement returning to the home of our Sacred Father. We confess that we have been extended healing through the sacrificial work of Christ on the cross. We need help in walking out this healing. Though many of us find ourselves living among many people, we tend to live isolated lives. Those around us don't always see what is going on under "the mask".

It is our belief that we forsook our sacred responsibility in the garden where we chose woman over our Father. We abandoned our post as keepers of the rythmn of life and love. This initial act was the rejection and betrayal of love and relationship first to God as well as to woman. We fell from being radiantly alive wih great potency to the shame based ways we live life today which often looks like little kids running around trying to demonstrate whose is bigger. This often manifests in we as men being arm chair quarter backs, talkers, bs artists, but not men of substance, not reliable, trust worthy. We also frequently see great passivity in men who shrink back and again abandon their role as life givers by slipping into pleasing and appeasing the women we share life with. We confess this as cowardice. Being monsters or whimps is an insult to our God. We repent of the delusion that our loved ones want more trinkets from us reflecting our false potency. We acknowledge that our loved ones and our world wants men who truly know, love and accepts himself and actively engages in the lives of these folks around us. We accept that the main emotion we as men feel is fear and what we fear is that we are not enough. We will face this fear squarely, understanding and coming to peace with the reality that we are not enough but Jesus' life in me empowers me to walk out life at its fullest.

We believe our healing will be walked out as we confess we live in fear and are often animated by shame. We have lost touch with our hearts and our true sense of self. Our journey then is to return to the heart of our Sacred Father and there recover the lost spirit of man. We learn to stop lying to ourselves and face reality. We commit to stop numbing ourselves through sex, booz, bucks or whatever other forms of compulsions or addiction we may chose. We recognize that we can not walk this out alone. We will seek "wing buddies" that will fly in formation along side us. A true brother will support when needed and kick me when needed as well. Our desire is to grow up into the image of Christ as true sons of the Most High. We believe a man fully alive reflects both the Lion of Judah as well as the Lamb of God, the warrior-poet. We believe that the ultimate man is both tough and tender and that the toughness must precede the tenderness.

We walk this process out together several Saturday mornings a month. This is a non judgmental format where we are invited in to know your brokenness and you will be encouraged to stop running from the long black bag we all drag behind us. Together we will seek to find that the place of vulnerability is truly our place of strength.

Our Saturday formats typically consist of prayer for one another, singing songs of worship, interacting over thoughts prepared for the morning, small groups, journaling, as well as times of silence. Our anchor is the Holy Scriptures. When we come together we do so with the passionate belief that Christ is present among us and desires to heal, correct and encourage us. We believe that what was true in the garden with God is still true today. That He created us to know Him and come alive with genuine life that is rich, full, and complete.

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Time Day Date Location Info
7:30 AM Saturday January 28 Decal Applicators
7:30 AM Saturday February 11 Decal Applicators
7:30 AM Saturday February 25 Decal Applicators
7:30 AM Saturday March 11 Decal Applicators

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List of Available Notes:
1. 1/28/2017TBD223. 8/8/2009God Among Us
2. 1/14/2017TBD224. 7/25/2009Musings of the Holy Spirit
3. 12/31/2016TBD225. 7/11/2009Flick Him in the Head
4. 12/17/2016TBD226. 7/11/2009We've been barking up the wrong tree.doc
5. 12/3/2016TBD227. 6/27/2009Musings of the Holy Spirit
6. 11/19/2016TBD228. 6/13/2009Elijah’s Exhortation
7. 11/5/2016TBD229. 5/30/2009Musings of the Holy Spirit
8. 10/22/2016TBD230. 5/16/2009Musings of the Holy Spirit
9. 10/8/2016TBD231. 5/2/2009Musings of the Holy Spirit
10. 9/24/2016TBD232. 4/18/2009Musings of the Holy Spirit
11. 9/10/2016TBD233. 4/18/2009Musings of the Holy Spirit
12. 8/27/2016TBD234. 4/4/2009Great dangers always accompany great opportunities
13. 8/13/2016TBD235. 3/21/2009Einstein observed in his theory of relativity-1
14. 7/30/2016TBD236. 3/7/2009Where you been and whats ya been eatin?
15. 7/16/2016TBD237. 2/21/2009On Prodigals and Perspectives
16. 7/2/2016TBD238. 2/7/2009The Breath of the Almighty
17. 6/18/2016TBD239. 1/24/2009None - 2009-01-24
18. 6/4/2016TBD240. 1/10/2009Being Right Can Never Compete With Living Well – 2
19. 5/21/2016TBD241. 12/27/2008Being Right Can Never Compete With Living Well
20. 5/7/2016TBD242. 12/13/2008Silver Bird Freedom
21. 4/23/2016TBD243. 11/29/2008There are no problems only process
22. 4/9/2016TBD244. 11/15/2008None - 2008-11-15
23. 3/26/2016Romans 8 - Keller245. 11/1/2008None - 2008-11-01
24. 3/12/2016TBD246. 10/18/2008Gila Wilderness Reflections
25. 2/27/2016TBD247. 10/4/2008None - 2008-10-04
26. 2/13/2016Never let your memories be greater than your dreams248. 9/20/2008Musings of the Holy Spirit
27. 1/30/2016TBD249. 9/6/2008None - 2008-09-06
28. 1/16/2016Nuggets for Saturday250. 8/23/2008None - 2008-08-23
29. 1/2/2016TBD251. 8/9/2008Celebrate Your Shame
30. 12/19/2015TBD252. 7/26/2008Freedom
31. 12/5/2015TBD253. 7/12/2008Bushman
32. 11/21/2015TBD254. 6/28/2008None - 20080628
33. 11/7/2015TBD255. 6/14/2008The Pilgrimage of Adam
34. 10/24/2015TBD256. 5/31/2008None-20080531
35. 10/10/2015TBD257. 5/17/2008My Sustainer is My Container
36. 9/26/2015TBD258. 5/3/2008What’s the matter Hannah
37. 9/12/2015TBD259. 4/19/2008None-20080419
38. 8/29/2015TBD260. 4/5/2008None-20080405
39. 8/15/2015TBD261. 3/22/2008How Big is Your But
40. 8/1/2015TBD262. 3/8/2008None-20080308
41. 7/18/2015TBD263. 2/23/2008Sacred Brothers
42. 7/4/2015They have exchanged the glory of God for the disgrace of idols264. 2/9/2008Sacred Brothers
43. 6/20/2015TBD265. 1/26/2008A Call to Repossess our Radiance
44. 6/6/2015TBD266. 1/12/2008Stand Tall Even When You Stand Alone
45. 5/23/2015I Am - Chad Jensen267. 12/29/2007Boys Posing as Men
46. 5/9/2015TBD268. 12/15/2007Recovering The Lost Spirit Of Man
47. 4/25/2015TBD269. 12/1/2007By the sweat of your brow
48. 4/11/2015TBD270. 11/17/2007Special Guest - John Carpenter
49. 3/28/2015TBD271. 11/3/2007None-20071103
50. 3/14/2015TBD272. 10/20/2007None - 20071020
51. 2/28/2015Lift Up Holy Hands And...273. 10/6/2007None - 20071006
52. 2/14/2015How Big is Your But (Revisted)274. 9/22/2007False Pleasures, False Comforts
53. 1/31/2015A Story of Trust275. 9/8/2007None - 20070908
54. 1/17/2015TBD276. 8/25/2007Entitlement, Enabling and Empowerment
55. 1/3/2015Who are you Trusting in?277. 8/11/2007In the spring when kings go to war…
56. 12/20/2014TBD278. 7/28/2007None - 20070728
57. 12/6/2014Life is an Epic Ride279. 7/14/2007Shining Like Moe
58. 11/22/2014Life is an Epic Ride, the Unexpected280. 6/30/2007Returning to Havah
59. 11/8/2014Life is an Epic Ride!281. 6/16/2007Go Catch a Fly (continued)
60. 10/25/2014Whats In Your Core?282. 6/2/2007Go Catch a Fly
61. 10/11/2014PEEKABOO283. 5/19/2007None - 20070519
62. 9/27/2014TBD284. 5/5/2007None - 20070505
63. 9/13/2014Fight Fear With Fear285. 4/21/2007None - 20070421
64. 8/30/2014Three Amigos286. 4/7/2007None - 20070407
65. 8/16/2014TBD287. 3/24/2007From Boys To Men
66. 8/2/2014TBD288. 3/10/2007None - 20070310
67. 7/19/2014Two Trees - Alpha and Omega289. 2/24/2007None-20070224 - Serve the City (Steve Severs)
68. 7/5/2014Two Trees290. 2/10/2007Farmers
69. 6/21/2014Musings of the Holy Spirit291. 1/27/2007Farmers
70. 6/7/2014Shame prevails when reason is defeated292. 1/13/2007None-20070113
71. 5/24/2014My Sheep Know My Voice293. 12/16/2006Say Sensei
72. 5/10/2014Musings of the Holy Spirit294. 12/2/2006Wisdom is vindicated by her deeds
73. 4/26/2014Musings of the Holy Spirit295. 11/18/2006Whining For Eden
74. 4/12/2014Musings of the Holy Spirit296. 11/4/2006None - November 4, 2006
75. 3/29/2014Musings of the Holy Spirit297. 10/21/2006None - October 21, 2006
76. 3/15/2014Musings of the Holy Spirit298. 10/7/2006Listening and Grace
77. 3/1/2014The Graciousness of God299. 9/23/2006None - September 23, 2006
78. 2/15/2014Musings of the Holy Spirit300. 9/9/2006None - September 9, 2006
79. 2/1/2014Stand Firm301. 8/26/2006None - August 26, 2006
80. 1/18/2014Spirit of Disciplines302. 8/12/2006The Dance of Eden pt 2
81. 1/4/2014God Speaks303. 7/29/2006The Dance of Eden
82. 12/21/2013New Beginnings304. 7/22/2006Strategic Intentionality.doc
83. 12/7/2013Having the Mind of Christ305. 7/1/2006Sustainability
84. 11/23/2013Sinner or Son of the Most High306. 6/17/2006None - June 17, 2006
85. 11/9/2013Fear Will Always307. 6/3/2006None - June 3, 2006
86. 10/26/2013Treasure Chest308. 5/20/2006Listening to the heart of the Father
87. 10/12/2013God Does NOT Do Random309. 5/6/20065 Secrets of Effective Communication
88. 9/28/2013Relationships310. 4/22/20065 Secrets of Effective Communication
89. 9/14/2013Musings of the Holy Spirit311. 4/8/2006Musings from Maui
90. 8/31/2013Frederick Buechner on Death and Living312. 3/25/2006Light
91. 8/17/2013Musings of the Holy Spirit313. 3/11/2006John 15 - The Vine and The Branches
92. 8/3/2013Musings of the Holy Spirit314. 2/26/2006Lent - Frederick Buechner
93. 7/20/2013Musings of the Holy Spirit315. 2/25/2006Burns-The Pathway of Understanding
94. 7/6/2013Trinitarian Life #1316. 2/11/2006Brad Kearns on balance - prov. 2
95. 6/22/2013Living on the Rock in Tumultuous Times317. 1/28/2006None - Jan. 28, 2006
96. 6/8/2013Musings of the Holy Spirit318. 1/14/2006Gen 18-19 (no notes)
97. 5/25/2013Musings of the Holy Spirit319. 12/31/20052nd Hand Lions-DVD (no notes)
98. 5/11/2013Musings of the Holy Spirit320. 12/17/2005Noblemen in our midst
99. 4/27/2013Joy321. 12/3/2005Are we modern day Corinthians?
100. 4/13/2013Erasmus 22 Principles322. 11/19/2005The New 7 Deadly Sins
101. 3/30/2013Musings of the Holy Spirit323. 11/5/2005Questions to Ask Yourself
102. 3/16/2013Into the Kingdom - Part1324. 10/22/2005Velvet Elvis
103. 3/2/2013Dad's Home Going325. 10/8/2005Journey-Back When
104. 2/16/2013Moses and Aaron326. 9/24/2005None - Sept. 24, 2005
105. 2/2/2013Musings of the Holy Spirit327. 9/10/2005None - Sept. 10, 2005
106. 1/19/2013Death is inevitable328. 8/27/2005Journey - How is a Rock Like a Photograph
107. 1/5/2013Aliens329. 8/13/2005Journey-Discipline
108. 12/22/2012Learning to Breathe330. 7/30/2005Journey-Ill Fitting Armor.doc
109. 12/8/2012Journey331. 7/16/2005Pocket precepts for men on the move
110. 11/24/2012Musings of the Holy Spirit332. 7/2/2005Hezekiah
111. 11/10/2012Musings of the Holy Spirit333. 6/18/2005Asa's covenant
112. 10/27/2012Cancelled-Next Meeting Nov. 10334. 6/4/2005David, humility or humiliation
113. 10/13/2012Musings of the Holy Spirit335. 5/21/2005Gone But Not Forgotten-Esther
114. 9/29/2012Musings of the Holy Spirit336. 5/7/2005David
115. 9/15/2012Isaiah 30337. 4/23/2005And in Israel there was no king
116. 9/1/2012Source Video Removed-Healing Crippled Woman - Intro338. 4/9/2005You gain strength through facing your fears.doc
117. 9/1/2012Source Video Removed-Healing Crippled Woman on Sabbath339. 3/12/2005God Ain't Your Sugardaddy-2
118. 8/18/2012Cookies340. 2/26/2005God Ain't your sugardaddy
119. 8/4/2012Musings of the Holy Spirit341. 1/25/2002None-Jan. 25, 02
120. 7/21/2012Unfailing Love342. 12/29/2001None-Dec.29, 2001 Agenda
121. 7/7/2012Our Father343. 12/15/2001None-Agenda-12-15-01
122. 6/23/20121 Kings 11 Solomon and Sexual Fidelity (PDF)344. 1/1/20012nd Hand Lions
123. 6/9/2012Meekness345. 1/1/20016 Months To Live
124. 5/26/2012Musings of the Holy Spirit346. 1/1/20016 Months To Live- teacher outline
125. 5/12/2012Musings of the Holy Spirit347. 1/1/2001A Beautiful Mind
126. 4/28/2012Musings of the Holy Spirit348. 1/1/2001A Bride Response pt 2
127. 4/14/2012Musings of the Holy Spirit349. 1/1/2001A Bride's Response
128. 3/31/2012Dare to Awe350. 1/1/2001A Father in Pursuit of a Bride for His Son
129. 3/17/2012Musings of the Holy Spirit351. 1/1/2001A Proper Toast
130. 3/3/2012Musings of the Holy Spirit352. 1/1/2001A View of Sacred Scriptures
131. 2/18/2012Musings of the Holy Spirit353. 1/1/2001A wedding night
132. 2/4/2012Musings of the Holy Spirit354. 1/1/2001A Wedding Night Overview
133. 1/21/2012Nuggets for Noodling355. 1/1/2001An English professor wrote the words..woman
134. 1/7/2012Musings of the Holy Spirit356. 1/1/2001An unreported story worth sharing
135. 12/24/2011NOT Meeting357. 1/1/2001Are you ready to be undone by Jesus
136. 12/24/2011TBD358. 1/1/2001Be Still and Know
137. 12/10/2011Christmas with the Trinity359. 1/1/2001Charles Schultz on significance
138. 12/10/2011TBD360. 1/1/2001Christmas 04 reflections
139. 11/26/2011Chilling in Montana361. 1/1/2001Coming Alive
140. 11/26/2011TBD362. 1/1/2001ConflictCurve.interdev
141. 11/12/2011Musings of the Holy Spirit363. 1/1/2001Core Performance
142. 11/12/2011TBD364. 1/1/2001Cry Abba
143. 10/29/2011Come Dance With Me 2365. 1/1/2001David, Uriah, Honor and indulgence
144. 10/29/2011TBD366. 1/1/2001Doug Tegner on the heart
145. 10/15/2011Come Dance With Me367. 1/1/2001Fear and Love
146. 10/15/2011TBD368. 1/1/2001Fear and Vulnerability
147. 10/1/2011Musings of the Holy Spirit369. 1/1/2001FEAR- scriptures
148. 10/1/2011TBD370. 1/1/2001From Asses to Sons of The Most High
149. 9/17/2011Musings of the Holy Spirit371. 1/1/2001Funeral Comments
150. 9/17/2011TBD372. 1/1/2001GEORGE CARLIN POST 9
151. 9/3/2011Musings of the Holy Spirit373. 1/1/2001Going before us- Stephen
152. 9/3/2011TBD374. 1/1/2001Good New Year's Eve resolutions
153. 8/20/2011Musings of the Holy Spirit375. 1/1/2001Grieving the loss of a good man
154. 8/20/2011TBD376. 1/1/2001He Never Answered Words, Only Hearts
155. 8/6/2011TBD377. 1/1/2001Heart Problems
156. 8/6/2011Wrestling Greco Roman Style378. 1/1/2001Hopco Thoughts
157. 7/23/2011Musings of the Holy Spirit379. 1/1/2001How Can a Deadman Dance
158. 7/23/2011TBD380. 1/1/2001Humility of Heart-Crabb
159. 7/9/2011TBD381. 1/1/2001I HAVE A DREAM- Martin Luther King
160. 7/9/2011To the King and to Life382. 1/1/2001In The Grip of Passion
161. 6/25/2011Musings of the Holy Spirit383. 1/1/2001In the Grip Of Passion, pt.2
162. 6/25/2011TBD384. 1/1/2001Jess Sorel on routine and rituals
163. 6/11/2011Stop Thinking and Listen385. 1/1/2001Job's defense of integrity
164. 6/11/2011TBD386. 1/1/2001Joseph and Job
165. 5/28/2011TBD387. 1/1/2001Keen's question of who I am as a man
166. 5/28/2011The Epic Battle388. 1/1/2001Leading as Redeemers
167. 5/14/2011Musings of the Holy Spirit389. 1/1/2001Leading From The Heart- Goleman
168. 5/14/2011TBD390. 1/1/2001Life is for living
169. 4/30/2011Musings of the Holy Spirit391. 1/1/2001Lion and Lioness
170. 4/30/2011TBD392. 1/1/2001Living a life that needs a God
171. 4/16/2011Leading in Masculine Radiance393. 1/1/2001Making Tracks To The Abundant Life
172. 4/16/2011Live394. 1/1/2001Making Tracks- the Practicum
173. 4/16/2011TBD395. 1/1/2001Melody on the 5 Needs of Children
174. 4/2/2011Musings of the Holy Spirit396. 1/1/2001Men of character
175. 4/2/2011TBD397. 1/1/2001Minnesota Ten Commandments
176. 3/19/2011TBD398. 1/1/2001More Scriptures on fear
177. 3/19/2011The Lord is Gracious and Righteous399. 1/1/2001On beliefs and convictions
178. 3/5/2011And the Oscar Goes To400. 1/1/2001On Dating and knowing if she is the one
179. 3/5/2011TBD401. 1/1/2001Overhead on the cost of running
180. 2/19/2011Imago Dei402. 1/1/2001patience in suffering- Job's 3 daughters
181. 2/19/2011TBD403. 1/1/2001Pia Melody 5 Needs of a Child outline
182. 2/5/2011Noodling on Brown404. 1/1/2001Proclaimation of who we are
183. 2/5/2011TBD405. 1/1/2001Quieting Prayer
184. 1/22/2011God Loves You....No Really406. 1/1/2001Reaching for Living I.V.
185. 1/22/2011You’ve Heard The Question Proposed407. 1/1/2001Reaching for Living pt 1
186. 1/8/2011Musings of the Holy Spirit408. 1/1/2001Reaching for Living pt. 2
187. 12/25/2010Merry Christmas 2010409. 1/1/2001Second Hand Lions- 3rd time around
188. 12/11/2010Nevada Nights410. 1/1/2001Second Hand Lions- round 2
189. 11/27/2010Happy Thanksgiving411. 1/1/2001Shane's testimony of following heart
190. 11/13/2010Love with Abandonment412. 1/1/2001Solo exercise- Seek what the heart craves
191. 10/30/2010Musings of the Holy Spirit413. 1/1/2001Strength and Honor
192. 10/16/2010Musings of the Holy Spirit414. 1/1/2001Strength and Honor part 2
193. 10/2/2010Musings of the Holy Spirit415. 1/1/2001Strength and Honor pt 2 handout
194. 9/18/2010Musings of the Holy Spirit416. 1/1/2001Tegner on favorite sin
195. 9/4/2010Musings of the Holy Spirit417. 1/1/2001The Code 1
196. 8/21/2010Musings of the Holy Spirit418. 1/1/2001The Code 2
197. 8/7/2010Who Is Your God419. 1/1/2001The Code 3
198. 7/24/2010Musings of the Holy Spirit420. 1/1/2001The Code 4
199. 7/10/2010Musings of the Holy Spirit421. 1/1/2001The Dream Giver handout
200. 6/26/2010Musings of the Holy Spirit422. 1/1/2001The Early Church
201. 6/12/2010Musings of the Holy Spirit423. 1/1/2001THE INTERVIEW WITH GOD
202. 5/29/2010Musings of the Holy Spirit424. 1/1/2001The Love of God
203. 5/15/2010Musings of the Holy Spirit425. 1/1/2001The Ultimate Masculine Adventure
204. 5/1/2010Where are You426. 1/1/2001The Virtue of Charm
205. 4/17/2010Musings of the Holy Spirit427. 1/1/2001The Word Made Flesh
206. 4/3/2010Live Your Edge Revised428. 1/1/2001The Zollar 8 & 1 More
207. 3/20/2010Live Your Edge Revised429. 1/1/2001There is a hole in the soul of man
208. 3/6/2010Live Your Edge430. 1/1/2001Thoughts On Sin - Cancer - Life[1]
209. 2/20/2010Musings of the Holy Spirit431. 1/1/2001Thoughts on tears
210. 2/6/2010Musings of the Holy Spirit432. 1/1/2001Tiny Little Bubbles
211. 1/23/2010Musings of the Holy Spirit433. 1/1/2001To Grow, your reach needs to exceed your grasp
212. 1/9/2010Christmas 09 Part One Expanded434. 1/1/2001To Live for God
213. 12/26/2009Christmas 09 part one435. 1/1/2001To the vulnerable heart of unveiled passion
214. 12/12/2009Morroco436. 1/1/2001Tool for Heart Connection
215. 11/28/2009Musings of the Holy Spirit437. 1/1/2001Tools for Assessing Problems of the Heart
216. 11/14/2009Musings of the Holy Spirit438. 1/1/2001Triangulation or Trinification
217. 10/31/2009Musings of the Holy Spirit439. 1/1/2001Triangulation or Trinification Questions
218. 10/17/2009Musings of the Holy Spirit440. 1/1/2001Verses on Joy
219. 10/3/2009Musings of the Holy Spirit441. 1/1/2001Week 1 Overview
220. 9/19/2009Musings of the Holy Spirit442. 1/1/2001When you make something it is not then it is impossible for it to be what it is
221. 9/5/2009Musings of the Holy Spirit443. 1/1/2001Will You Drink of This Cup

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  120. Tom Jensen  
  121. Tom Kegley   
  122. Tony Caruso   
  123. Vance Thompson   
  124. Wayne Conley  
  125. Wayne Endicott   
  126. Woody Russell   
By Last Name
  1. rbaileyk   
  2. Dave Allan   
  3. John Argo   
  4. Randy Arnold   
  5. Ken Bailey   
  6. Jim Bellig   
  7. Rick Blake   
  8. Tim Brady   
  9. Jeff Brazelton   
  10. Brad Brenneise   
  11. Christian Bronstein   
  12. Harry Bruno   
  13. Jeff Bruno   
  14. John Cabral   
  15. John Carpenter   
  16. Charles Carroll   
  17. Tony Caruso   
  18. Claudio Catena   
  19. Nick Chapman   
  20. Paul Cleary   
  21. Michael Collins   
  22. Wayne Conley  
  23. Kevin Cunningham   
  24. David Davis  
  25. Kurt Ditmer  
  26. Mark Ehrman   
  27. Greg Elder   
  28. Roland Ellingsen   
  29. Wayne Endicott   
  30. Jim Evart   
  31. Bill Fawns   
  32. Doug Ferman   
  33. Brian Fitzpatrick   
  34. Greg Ford  
  35. Tim Freitas   
  36. Brad Frennes   
  37. David Fritzlan   
  38. Brian Fuery   
  39. Raymond Futrell   
  40. David Gehrke  
  41. Jim Grassi   
  42. Joel Graves   
  43. Dan Green   
  44. Keith Greenaway   
  45. Terry Greenaway   
  46. Greg Gusha   
  47. Don Halverson   
  48. Eric Halverson   
  49. Paul Halverson   
  50. Don Hamilton   
  51. Jason Hamond   
  52. Eric Hansen   
  53. Nick Hart  
  54. Launa Herman   
  55. Andre Hrycaj   
  56. Taj Hussain   
  57. Tim James none  
  58. Tom Jensen  
  59. Johna3 Johna3   
  60. Johnd392 Johnd392   
  61. Pepe Juarez   
  62. Brian Kalsbeek   
  63. Ramsey Kamar   
  64. Tom Kegley   
  65. Don Klippenes   
  66. George Klippenes   
  67. Jeff Klippenes   
  68. Rebecca Klippenes   
  69. Shane Klippenes   
  70. Dean Koenig   
  71. James Lindsey   
  72. Gary Longbrake   
  73. Rick Lynch  
  74. Robert Macher   
  75. Tim Maggart  
  76. Shareef Mahdavi   
  77. Dave Marell   
  78. Don Maria   
  79. Doug McBride   
  80. Kevin Meng   
  81. Mike Meng   
  82. John Meyer   
  83. Brian Murdoch   
  84. Paul Murray   
  85. Hans Negd   
  86. Jeff Nesselroad  
  87. Bruce Neuswander   
  88. Glenn Orr   
  89. Mike Pellini   
  90. Dan Pharis   
  91. Jim Philbrook   
  92. Tadeusz Pieslak   
  93. Stan Pytell   
  94. Rich Reyes   
  95. Jerril Rice   
  96. Bill Riffel   
  97. David Rigsby   
  98. Brent Robery   
  99. Manuel Rodriguez   
  100. Woody Russell   
  101. Mark Saake   
  102. Scott Segrin   
  103. Jim Serna   
  104. Steve Severs   
  105. Tim Shepodd   
  106. Elliot Siler   
  107. John Simnitt   
  108. David Smith   
  109. Thomas Smith   
  110. Geoff Smyth   
  111. Jess Sorel   
  112. Bob Sparks   
  113. Brian Standish   
  114. Rob Szenyeri   
  115. Doug Tegner   
  116. Vance Thompson   
  117. Kim Van Horn   
  118. Ben Vose   
  119. Bill Walters   
  120. Mike West   
  121. Ron White   
  122. Larry Whitehouse   
  123. Jack Wilcox  
  124. Roy Wilson   
  125. Lenard Wood   
  126. Todd Zaionz   
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